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Welcome to PremiumReg

Our aim is to supply cherished number plates with an efficient, yet personalised service.

We have a wealth of experience dealing with the DVLA for transfers, and as such purchases will be processed with the minimum of fuss. If you purchase one of our plates, we expect to have the number plate assigned to your vehicle in just seven days.

All plates listed are our own stock, and should not be advertised elsewhere.

All prices include DVLA fees and VAT if applicable.

Showcase Plates

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A Matching Pair

SOO 400K.png
SO04 OOK.png


Dateless Plates

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HRZ 343.png


HRZ 3000.png


HRZ 7241.png


HRZ 7281.png


HRZ 7284.png

Suffix Plates

MST 24V.png


SOO 400K.png


Current Plates

MA06 LEX.png


KE05 ELY.png



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